Automaker Ratings

RearWheelDrive.Org rates the automakers on their rear drive product line. The more choices that the consumer has for rear wheel drive cars the better a score they will get.

Updated 8/2004.

Notes :

Grading Scale.


Acura D- The NSX is it.
Audi D Models come in FWD or All Wheel Drive but no Rear Wheel Drive
BMW A All cars (except new mini) are Rear Wheel Drive!
Buick F A RWD Regal would be nice..
Cadillac B CTS, CTX, STS and maybe another coming.
Chevrolet D Only the Corvette.
Chrysler B 300C and you can get and AWD minivan.
Daewoo F None.
Dodge C Only the Viper and AWD Van. RWD Charger coming
Ford C- Mustang, and Crowne Vic. Taurus replacement (500) will be FWD. While everyone else is moving to RWD, Ford is moving the other way.
Honda D- Only the S2000.
Hyundai F Koreans auto makers like FWD.
Infiniti B Q45 Luxery sedan and G35 (RWD Skyline Chassis)
Jaguar B New X3.0 is not available in RWD. It is a FWD Mondeo with AWD tacked on.
Kia F  
Lexus A- A surprise result. 3/4 models are RWD
Lincoln A- All but the Continental is RWD. LS uses RWD chassis shared with Jaguar. LS may be replaced by a front driver.
Mazda C- Miata and RX8.
Mercedes-Benz A No wonder people are loyal to these cars.
Mercury D+ Grand Marquis and Maurader.
Mitsubishi F  
Nissan D 350Z.
Pontiac D Australian built GTO.
Porsche A There is no substitute!
Saab F Saab Saab Sob.
Saturn F  
Subaru D AWD on all models.
Suzuki F Its the Esteem or the Swift. Ahhh...No.
Toyota D- MR2
Volkswagon D All wheel drive models available.
Volvo D Some All Wheel Drive Models..